Adrian Fielding

General Manager Emissions Control & Reduction


Adrian Fielding is the General Manager of Emissions Monitoring & Reduction and works within Honeywell Process Solutions. Adrian has been part of the Global Industrial Safety & Security initiative with Honeywell since 2006 and transitioned into this new role in 2022 to support Honeywell’s sustainability initiatives. Adrian is responsible for the overall strategy of the continuous fugitive & process emissions. This includes driving development of Honeywell technologies and their integration to and coordination with Honeywell’s strategic partners that completement a broad Honeywell Sustainability portfolio. Key to the initiative is outcome-based programs to measure, monitor, report and reduce emissions using accurate, near real-time data at medium and large operations that are often enterprise wide. This includes, but is not limited to, refineries, pipelines, chemical plants plus on and off-shore upstream facilities.