Andrea Orioli

Director of Product Management, Industrial IoT


Andrea is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and advisor with a solid track record in funding, leading, and growing start-up companies from cradle to multi-million dollar strategic acquisitions.
Born in Lake of Como Italy, he is a competitive dinghy sailor who loves entrepreneurship and technology. He applies the same unruffled decision-making and determination needed to win a regatta to succeed in business.

Experienced technical executive, over the last two decades Andrea has been involved in developing operations, sales, marketing, and financial strategies in start-up environments with special focus on accelerating the adoption of wireless networks technologies to boost digitalization for a sustainable future in the industrial IoT world leveraging strong partnership between IT and OT.

Andrea co-founded Fluidmesh Networks, an MIT and Politecnico of Milan spin-off, that develops innovative wireless technology that is a critical enabler of the “Internet of Things.” At Fluidmesh we manufacture radios and focus on delivering connectivity solutions in some of the most challenging environments in the world. Fluidmesh Networks is a critical element in the adoption of automation in industries such as security, entertainment, mining, rail, ports and terminal operations, material handling, robotics, and the military. Fluidmesh’ technology is used by government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and global conglomerates to maintain cutting edge operations and a competitive advantage. Connecting people and things: it’s what we do.

Andrea also spun-off a cloud-based venture called Pantascene a video and sensor interoperability application and investigative tool focused on improving situational awareness and emergency preparedness for the public safety market and sold the business to the Hitachi Group in September 2014, after 18 months from incorporation.