Attila János

Senior Manager


I started my career as mechanical engineer, and became head of a digital group of 4over the years by transforming conventional capabilities into innovative building blocks like extended reality, simulation, digital twin and industrial metaverse. Currently responsible for GTM strategies, offering development plans, solution architecting, team- and delivery management. In order to structure and frame these experiences, finished an MBA to underline practice with education and to gather further experiences from peer digital leaders. The last few years created the momentum for and the necessity of digital technologies, accordingly we caught up with the demand and developed the definition of industrial metaverse and identified its main building blocks.

Industrial metaverse is an evolution of the traditional industrial operation that empowers stakeholders to create value in a persistent shared experience connecting physical and virtual with historic data, real time visualization, and prediction through simulation – past, present, and potential futures always in sight.

XR, digital twins, simulation, machine learning are all crucial elements of the way we’ll work and do business in the future, needing niche skills and resilient mindset from the workforce, so let’s embrace the change and discuss future opportunities and challenges on Oct 26th.