Brandon Branham

Assistant City Manager / CTO


Brandon Branham, chief technology officer (CTO) and assistant city manager, leads the City of Peachtree Corners’ groundbreaking smart city and Internet of Things (IoT) programs. Overseeing one of the first real-world smart city ecosystems deployed in the United States, he is bringing the region to the forefront in the development of next generation IoT technologies that will change the face of business and society in the near future – both within the country and across the world.

Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is the country’s first true smart city technology proving ground – featuring real connected city infrastructure and thousands of interacting residents/vehicles that can’t be replicated by closed or controlled testing environments. The 500-acre technology park and 1.5-mile autonomous vehicle test street creates conditions that enable robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous services/vehicles and countless more emerging applications to be trialed, developed and ultimately deployed globally.

Serving as the model for how government entities and the free market must collaborate to build out smart cities and regions in the United States, Curiosity Lab showcases how buildings and other city fixtures are enabling, and connecting with, devices and solutions. When it comes to autonomous technologies, for example, Curiosity Lab’s mobile 5G network, combined with direct short-range communications (DSRC) roadside units, enable disruptive technology developers to test vehicle-toeverything (V2X) communications in an unprecedented manner. Intelligent traffic cameras and traffic signals, along with smart street lights and data sensors, push video and invaluable data to a central operations center for analysis and action. All reflective of how city infrastructure will soon communicate with machines and humans on a scale never seen before.

Branham serves on various boards in the community, and recently received his certification in cybersecurity leadership from the Professional Development Academy, in conjunction with the International City Managers Association.