IIoT World’s Manufacturing Day

March 18, 2021

IIoT World’s Manufacturing Day will take place on March 18, 2021. This is the first ever dedicated virtual event focused on deploying machine learning on devices and on the network infrastructure that supports the intelligent IoT in manufacturing. We will be gathering a global audience to explore the most innovative real-world use cases of hardware and software facilitating AI at the Edge with examples focused on manufacturing.

A few companies that already confirmed their participation are: Hitachi Vantara and UrsaLeo. 

Event Format:  Panel Discussions under 90 minutes each on topics focused exclusively around Manufacturing.

We are welcoming vendors’ participation as sponsorship opportunities. The minimum package starts at $4 999 USD. You can also participate as a knowledge speaker for free (subject to availability) and we have some very specific requirements below:

Guidelines for sponsorship: IIoT World Manufacturing day, March 18th, 2021

  1. maximum of two sponsors per track. 

Guidelines for Speakers Representing vendors

  1. Regular Track sponsorship: $4999 USD. Sponsor will get the registered attendees (opt in ones) of the particular track: min of 250 opt in business emails)
  2. FREE (a few spots available) if you agree to promote & push minimum of 50 registrations (vendor will get no attendees contacts, just global awareness). A link for FREE registration will be provided (this option is subject to availability as there are limited seats for vendors speakers)
  3. If a vendor drives more than 50 registrations, we are offering credit for  IIoT World programs as follows
    1. 150+ registrations: Get $1500 USD IIoT World Money towards a future contract
    2. 200+ registrations: Get $2000 USD IIoT World Money towards a future contract

For more information, contact Lucian Fogoros, IIoT World’s Co-founder, at lucian@iiot-world.com or leave a message at +1 949-427-0564 and we will call you back.

Confirmed Sponsors