Edward Turkaly

Director of Cybersecurity Offer Management


Ed Turkaly is the Director for Cybersecurity Offer Management for Schneider Electric – Energy Management.

With more than 18 years’ cybersecurity experience, Ed provides strategic solutions and expert guidance grounded in a position of risk management and safety. His expertise comes the numerous strategic assessments and from experience resolving real cybersecurity incidents within power, O&G, mining, DOD, and homeland security. Ed has a talent for keeping the big picture while structuring down to specific tightly coupled inter-dependencies to improve business resiliency.

Past accomplishments include bulding a complete industrial cybersecurity protfolio for Baker Hughes, former Deputy CISO where he designed and implemented a complete cyber security program ($36M investment), several NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) security assessments, commercializing new state of the art technologies, directing DHS ICE Security Operations Center / Computer Security Incident Response Center (SOC/CSIRC).

Ed is a Fellow of the Academy of Emergency Managers (FAcEM) after completing the master program with the Emergency Management Academy’s Disaster Science Fellowship of FEMA’s Body of Knowledge.