Energy 4.0: Leading the Charge Towards a Sustainable Future at HANNOVER MESSE 2024

Energy 4.0: Leading the Charge Towards a Sustainable Future at HANNOVER MESSE 2024

The energy industry is the key driver behind the industrial transformation toward carbon neutrality – with the focus firmly on expanding the use of renewable energies, the decarbonization of heat generation, the conversion to smart grids, sector coupling with other industries, and on mobility. Driving forces behind the transformation are artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

HANNOVER MESSE 2024 will give attendees the opportunity to learn what challenges and opportunities these developments entail.

With the lead theme “Energizing a Sustainable Industry”, HANNOVER MESSE 2024 is shining the spotlight on a sustainable and emission-free energy supply for industry. In Hall 12, more than 300 companies will be showcasing their solutions in the spheres of process and waste heat, renewable energies, energy management and energy efficiency, as well as mobility, resource efficiency and the recycling economy. The exhibitors include not only SMEs such as BLOCK, GP Joule, Janitza, Pflitsch, PreZero and Wöhner, but also energy giants like Uniper and Shell. In Hall 13 next door, hydrogen economy companies will be showing how they can help to ensure carbon-neutral production in the future by way of new technologies and business models.

The use of solar energy systems can represent a first step for companies toward cutting CO2 emissions significantly. Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH is a global leader in the field of clean energy. “We figure among the biggest manufacturers of high-quality photovoltaic products, and are also an energy provider. Solar is in our DNA. We offer turnkey, high-efficiency PV systems for the industrial and commercial sectors as a one-stop shop – from planning to installation, right through to payment-by-installment options, power contracting or system leasing. Besides that, we can manage profitable balancing groups through direct marketing and virtual power plants,” says Ian Clover, Manager of Corporate Communications at Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH.

Generating energy from renewable resources is only one piece of the puzzle, however; efficient management of the underlying data is equally crucial. Dennis Nasrun, Managing Director/CEO, metiundo GmbH: “An essential success factor in the energy transition lies in the targeted management of energy efficiency in real estate, and that the properties involved are integrated into a decentralized energy market. This requires real-time data on the consumption of various energy sources in buildings and data on local energy generation. metiundo provides this data as a comprehensive service through its integrated smart metering infrastructure.”

FlowChief is a further energy management system provider. With a current customer base of 300, FlowChief has supported companies since 2011 in all phases of the energy management process. “In times of soaring energy prices and Germany’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2045, optimizing consumption is of crucial importance for companies. FlowChief addresses the clear goals set by the German Energy Efficiency Act by providing a non-proprietary energy management platform. This software solution offers all necessary functions, aligned to the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard,” says Christian Fink, Head of Product Management & Marketing at FlowChief GmbH.

Founded in 2013 in Rennes, France, Energiency demonstrates how energy can be saved using AI. Viktoria Scheuer, Partnership Manager & Lead Business Developer, explains the concept: “Energiency offers an Industrie 4.0-oriented technology, combining human and artificial intelligence to enable companies in the manufacturing sector to achieve fresh savings in energy and CO2 emissions of up to 15 percent within just a few months. In the wake its strong international growth, the company’s customers which are already using this technology now include globally leading companies in the food, chemical, automotive, paper, and raw materials industries (ArcelorMittal, L’Oréal, Solvay, etc.). Energiency has already received more than 30 international awards for its outstanding performance, including French Tech Excellence and Solar Impulse Efficient Solution.”

PcVue GmbH is a software platform provider, with a platform capable of dynamically managing multiple energy sources to cover the entire energy needs of a location. “Profitability, optimization, energy efficiency and optimal service are priority factors in the process. This applies to all areas of energy utilization, such as electric mobility, renewables, and energy distribution. PcVue is a SCADA solution equipped with all necessary features and easy for system integrators to implement,” says Hans-Jürgen Schmitt, CEO, PcVue GmbH.

Feilo Sylvania demonstrates that lighting solutions, too, make a considerable contribution toward energy efficiency. Its SylSmart Standalone product is a wireless plug-and-play lighting control solution that is ideal for all applications in which simple installation, a low acquisition outlay and straightforward maintenance outlay are important prerequisites. The system’s core functions, such as presence control, daylight-dependent white light and color control, grouping, scheduling, and wall switch configuration, offer a wide range of options.

Besides the SMEs, there are also corporations showcasing their products and services, for example Uniper. Uniper is a partner that its customers can depend on for planning and implementation of innovative CO2-reducing solutions as they progress toward fully decarbonizing their activities. Alongside green products such as hydropower, biomethane or hydrogen, the energy corporation also offers customer-centric services, such as the Decarb roadmap or, in the context of contracting and financing, complete packages for the construction, modernization and financing of climate-friendly power plant capacities. Gundolf Schweppe, CCO Sales, Uniper, adds: “In times of change, we place the priority on green transformation: We see ourselves as a driving force and partner in implementing decarbonization with security of supply. We work in the knowledge that we are playing an essential role in the sustainable energy system of the future. This motivates us, day in, day out.”

Attendees of the show will also be able to find Shell, a global leader in the energy industry. Petra Matzat, Managing Director Lubricants at Shell: “We at Shell Energy Germany offer tailor-made energy solutions in the form of, for example, natural gas, electricity or power purchase agreements (PPAs) for supporting our customers from industry and local government in their decarbonization activities. Shell Lubricant Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of lubricants. Our products have been developed to generate added value for our customers, regardless of their sector or the specialization of their machinery and systems.”

The following companies will be showcasing their products, solutions, and services on the Energy 4.0 joint stand: B.E.I. – Berlin Energy Institute, enable energy solutions, Energiency, ENERGYNEST, Feilo Sylvania, FlowChief, Hanwha Q CELLS, hymate, Mavarick, metiundo,, PcVue , SMARTENERGY group, Solar-Stunde, and VDMA power systems. 

Energy 4.0 Stage as central platform for all energy and climate-related topics

The Energy 4.0 conference stage is one of the most heavily frequented stages at HANNOVER MESSE and the focal point of Hall 12. It is the central platform for all topics relating to energy, climate, and sustainability. The motto on Monday at HANNOVER MESSE is “International perspectives on challenges and opportunities in the global energy market”. Program highlights include the 2nd German-French Economic Forum, entitled “Electricity for Industry in Germany and France: interactions, challenges and potentials”, as well as the 17th German-Japanese Economic Forum, with the topic of “Heat and resource transition in Japanese and German industry” under discussion by experts.

The program from Tuesday to Thursday will be coordinated by the partner associations VDMA, ZVEI and VDE, with the focus on resilient and sustainable energy ecosystems.

This year for the first time, the ENERGY 4.0 Special Show will be complemented by a technical forum, namely the ENERGY 4.0 Academy. The program partner is the Landesverband Erneuerbare Energien Niedersachsen / Bremen e.V.

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