Eric Thompson

Director of IoT & AI Solutions


Currently, Eric Thompson occupies the distinguished role of Director of IoT & AI solutions at IRISS. With a robust foundation in CCaaS, IoT, Generative AI, and Cloud technologies, Eric is a globally recognized trusted advisor. His ten-year tenure encapsulates extensive leadership in business strategy, innovation, and transformative initiatives on a grand scale within multifaceted environments. Eric’s expertise is marked by a consistent track record across the entire spectrum of customer success, encompassing pre-sales, onboarding, adoption, and growth phases.

Throughout his illustrious career, Eric has effectively collaborated with a diverse range of organizations, from nimble startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses, particularly within the CCaaS, IoT, IIoT, and Generative AI sectors. His notable tenure at the industrial and technology conglomerate Bosch stands out as a significant highlight. Here, Eric played a pivotal role in transitioning global teams’ legacy applications into the cutting-edge Bosch IoT ecosystem, thereby unlocking new avenues for revenue generation. In the formative years of his career, Eric dedicated his expertise to developing IoT solutions alongside various vendors and clients, offering strategic consultation on crafting market-ready solutions that adhere to industry best practices.