Anatoli Lukkarinen

Anatoli Lukkarinen

BDM / Embedded Solution Architect
Country:United States
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


My passions are customer experience and technology.
My WHY is to help companies build technologically advanced high-quality solutions, that delight their customers and improve the life of mankind. I have been interested in and involved in the ICT and electronics industry since I was a kid.

I am also interested in and got involved in sales, marketing, and customer service at a very early age.

All this has led to the fact, that despite my relatively young age, I already have 10+ years of experience in technical sales, product and sales management, key account management, and product marketing.


  • Why HW has a critical role in successful IIoT solution
  • Why you should develop your SW on embedded HW from the beginning
  • Why SaaS company should invest in high-quality HW
  • How fixed HW BOM improves customer experience
  • How product lifecycle affect your profitability


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