Bill Bither

Bill Bither

Co Founder & CEO
Country: United States
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


Bill is an experienced software entrepreneur, and the founder of Atalasoft, an enterprise software company that sold to Kofax (now Lexmark). Prior to Atalasoft he worked in aerospace manufacturing.


The Manufacturing Analytics Journey

The initial success of any Industry 4.0 implementation is so important, not just to demonstrate the value of the initial technology but to realize the belief in the benefits enabled through Industrial IoT technology. Unfortunately, IoT implementations have had a historically high rate of failure. Cisco produced a report of survey results indicating that companies considered 76 percent of their Industrial IoT initiatives failures. This has led to greater hesitation on the part of manufacturers to embark on digital transformation journeys. So what’s the solution? There is no silver bullet, but there is a starting point. As users gain confidence in the value of the technology, it’s essential to provide customers a roadmap to continuous innovation enablement.
We call this roadmap the  manufacturing analytics journey. Visualizing your journey and where your organization lands within it will help define what steps you can take to create immediate value, where/when to invest time and resources, and most importantly how to advance forward to the next stages.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discover how to identify where your organization lands within the Analytics Journey to help define what steps you can take to create immediate value
  2. Understand where/when to invest time and resources to drive continuous value
  3. Learn about the MachineMetrics secret sauce: a use-case driven technology roll-out plan we call “the hybrid platform”


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