Brett Milne

Brett Milne

Executive Director
Country: Australia


Brett is one of the founders of Karit, an innovative firm creating virtual power plants and driving the integration of renewables into industry, his unique mix of skills and experience in energy, IT and communications brings a great perspective on the global energy transition and the enabling role that IOT and Digital technologies will play.


Digital Transformation for Energy & Utilities

IOT and digital technologies coupled with renewable energy technology
is moving the energy system to a significant paradigm shift. As renewable energy, storage and other distributed energy sources provide a greater contribution to the energy supply, coordinating and supporting these assets in the new energy future provides challenges right across the value chain. A central control system or virtual power plant will become a critical factor in managing system stability, forward forecasts of supply and demand and enable new business models to evolve. As businesses and consumers take on the energy “prosumer”, virtual power plants underpinned by IOT and new digital technologies are an important contributor to ensure that energy system participants maximise the value of their renewable energy  investments. In the paper will be shown how a VPP underpinned by IOT offers a solution to improve the amalgamation of the energy  produced by renewable energy assets into the electric system.


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