Craig Hobbs

Craig Hobbs

Partner Engineer

Country: United States
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


Craig Hobbs is a Sales Engineer at InfluxData. His experience with keeping systems performant over the years has helped to shape the kind of Sales Engineer he is today – one who enjoys solving complex problems and keeping sales people honest. His specialties include: Solution Architect, Project Management, POC Design and Development, Software Customization, Technical Training, ETL Automation, Application Integration and Deployment. Craig has a BS from the University of Illinois.


Why Open Source is key for innovation in Industrial IoT

The industrial world has a long history of modernizing their process controls in order to keep production running efficiently and safely while minimizing downtime. Yet many are locked in established data historian solutions that are costly and lack the methods needed to provide innovation and interoperability. In contrast, open source software – which is built on the foundation of community – inherently provides diverse design perspectives not available from a single software vendor.

 Join this webinar with Craig Hobbs of InfluxData as he breaks the old stigma that open source was the cheap alternative to proprietary software. In this webinar we will examine what the existing solutions lack and review a few open source projects that should be considered for future success for operators.


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