Dalton Oliveira

Dalton Oliveira

Digital Transformation Consultant
Country: Brazil
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


Awarded Top 3 IoT World Series, Facebook Testathon Best Product Idea, Facebook Testathon Top 50 World’s Best Tester.

Dalton Oliveira is data-driven and results-oriented Digital Transformation Consultant with holistic approach and analytical-reasoning.

MBA in Project Management @ IPT/USP, Extension in Marketing @ ESPM, BSc in Electronics Engineering @ FEI Engenharia.

Experienced in global mission-critical projects and digital products with US$ Billions budget, crossfunctional, remote, multi-culture teams in global companies leading their segments (consumer goods, telecom, scientific with Nobel Prize), governments, universities since 2002.

Recently, he has been working on projects for World Bank, World Economic Forum, Industry 4.0, Natural Disasters, and more. He was guest speaker at IoT World event in Atlanta/USA, guest article writer for IEEE IoT, guest quote writer for Freedom IoT Manufacturing in Cincinnati/USA, guest judge at The George Washington University in Washington DC/USA. Mentioned in academic papers at Saudi Arabia University + MIT/USA, interviewed by Riviera Magazine (exclusive 1/3 page), interviewed by Cultura TV (tv news, primetime, nationwide).

His authoral project & product portfolio is based on digital trends in order to transform problems into solutions and covers several verticals: for smart cities, stations installed from Silicon Valley to New York stand for the 1st IoT+AI/chatbot brazilian projects running in USA acclaimed by global experts and opinion leaders.


IIoT+AI/Chatbot as a Digital Transformation initiatives for Management in Energy

Regarding one of my latest use cases, let’s consider that there are five Fab Lab’s in São Paulo city – one per zone of the city: center, north, south, east, west zone.

Each Fab Lab has some industrial  equipments: laser cut, milling machine, electric saw, electric sander, electric drill, CNC, and other industrial machines.

How to manage the usage of equipments in each Fab Lab? The peak hour? The last time equipments were on/off? All equipments are being used? Is there any equipment more required in some Fab Lab than the other? How many users in each Fab Lab and in each equipment?

How to answer technical questions like circuit analysis, circuit resizing, leakage current detection?

To answer these and other questions, we need data. But, how to gather data from all of those equipments, display them online in real-time, and fuel decision-makers? The answer: Digital Transformation – because this is not about technology only, but management, business processes, and mainly customer experience.

Let’s talk about how Digital Transformation, IoT verticals (smart industry, smart building, smart city), and AI are solving businesses problems.


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