Eric Toperzer

Eric Toperzer

Senior Partner Manager
Country: United States
Area of Interest: Digital Transformation for Energy & Utilities


Eric Toperzer is a Senior Partner Manager with Itron. He works with Itron’s developer community to enable new IoT sensors and devices that leverage Itron’s wireless technology.  Eric worked with New Cosmos to deliver the industry’s first battery powered, wireless, methane detector that is being rolled out across the ConEd service territory.  He has over 25 years of experience in networking technologies at companies including Nortel, Tellabs, Juniper Networks and Silver Spring Networks.  Eric plugged some of the first cables into the MCI’s NSFNET which was the precursor to today’s Internet.


Creating a more resourceful world: IoT's impact on the Utility industry

In this session, Eric Toperzer from Itron and Craig Baldwin from Losant will explore IoT’s significance to the Utility industry and why IoT is driving growth. Their combined experience of building IoT applications for utilities today encompasses common pressures utilities face, addressing the needs of the smart consumer, meeting demands for operational efficiency, and managing large amounts of data that are now a part of your organization.


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