Francisco Maroto

Francisco Maroto


Country: Spain
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


Francisco Maroto is CEO and founder at OIES Consulting. Francisco (aka Paco) has more than two decades of international experience in the IT and Telco industries. Prior to launch OIES, he worked in different management roles in companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Amdocs, SAP, HP, Vodafone, Indra or Matra Aerospace.

Globally recognized as one of the top IoT advisor and leading voices on the state of Internet of Things. Entrepreneur, visionary, usual speaker in IoT international events, respected blogger and IoT influencer.


Is it possible to democratize IIoT technologies?

  • Could the democratization of IIOT technologies improve the competitiveness of SMBs?
  • What are the top challenges of Industrial IoT SMBs?
  • What are the top challenges of Industrial IoT Startups?
  • What should be the role of local, regional, national or EU Governments do accelerate adoption of IIOT in SMBs?
  • Collaboration or Competition with the Tech / Industrial Giants?

Delegates will get an overview of the current IIOT market and how SMBs are moving in their digital transformation journey with IoT.  I will provide recommendation to accelerate adoption of IIoT in SMBs and guidance to select the right IoT ecosystem.


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