Göran Appelquist (PhD)

Göran Appelquist, PhD

Country: Sweden
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


My career started in the academic world where I got a PhD in physics by researching large scale data acquisition systems for physics experiments, such as the LHC at CERN. After leaving academia I have been working in several tech startups in different management positions over the last 20 years. In most of these positions I have stood with one foot in the R&D team and another in the product/business teams. My passion is learning new technologies, use it to develop innovative products and explain the solutions to end users, technical or non-technical. 


Understand Edge Machine Learning Ops - Life-cycle Management of ML models running at the Edge

In this presentation I will explain how to:

  • Simplify collection and preparation of data to deliver results with your Machine Learning model
  • Test and train Machine Learning models for edge deployments
  • Deploy and maintain your Machine Learning model on one or many devices


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