Joe Barkai

Joe Barkai

Industry 4.0 Analyst and Strategy Advisor
Country: United States
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


Joe Barkai is a recognized industry analyst, strategist, futurist and published author, focusing on articulating the business value of advanced technologies.

With more than 30 years of experience across diverse industries, he offers a unique perspective about current and future trends in emerging technologies such as the industrial Internet of Things, robotics, autonomous vehicles and smart mobility, and artificial intelligence.

His book The Outcome Economy explores the impact of the industrial Internet of Things on the manufacturing industry and offers a perspective on product innovation and operation in an always-connected world.


The Outcome Economy: Building Resilience Into the Product Value Chain

Everything and everyone is connected. The Internet of Things is transforming the ways in which new value is being created in practically every business and every workplace.

Welcome to the “outcome economy” — where companies create value not just by selling products and services, but by delivering complete solutions that produce quantifiable business outcomes. Buyers in the outcome economy aren’t looking to buy products, but rather an iron-clad guarantee of an outcome.

In the Industrial IoT, roles must change, and rules are meant to be broken. This is where the value is. This is the new opportunity.

The outcome economy is a significant shift from competing through selling products and services, to competing on delivering measurable results important to the customer. For most companies, this is a challenging prospect. They will need to develop a deeper understanding of individual customer’s business, how products and services are being used, and how customers evaluate outcomes.

In this keynote, Joe poses and answers key questions to help you navigate the uncharted parts of the Internet of Things universe: How do you prepare for the outcome economy? What do you need to do to capitalize on this opportunity? How do you engage with your customers? How will you outdo the competition?


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