Marc Phillips

Marc Phillips

Director of Enterprise IoT
Country: United States
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


An experienced director of software and business teams with a track record of building successful partnerships, driving product marketing strategies, and delivering a remarkable return on client investment.

Marc is dedicated to innovation in the service of creating partner and customer value through solution design and integration of both technological and human systems.


When failure is not an option: A low risk approach to smart manufacturing innovation

Industrial leaders are under increasing pressure to adopt industrial IoT and Industry4.0 solutions in order to compete in a connected world. However, most digital initiatives do not live up to expectations.

Common causes include introducing new technology to solve what are primarily people problems, as well conflicts between innovation groups with a “try new things and fail fast” mindset and operations managers with strict KPIs and production goals who are unwilling to put their existing processes at risk (a totally reasonable reaction).

By taking an iterative, business-focused, and people-first approach, sustainable change can be made in both your operations and organization which will drive a lasting competitive advantage.


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