Pavel Bayborodin

Pavel Bayborodin

Country: United States
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


Pavel founded Blynk to help businesses and innovators build connected products and services faster, easier and with amazing user experience at their core.

Since launch in 2015, he grew his company to a global community of 500,000+ developers, making it one of the most popular IOT platforms. Today Blynk manages millions of dollars in connected assets for hundreds of companies worldwide (from industrial boilers to beer brewing monitors)

Prior to Blynk, Pavel spent 13+ years bringing innovation and usability to products in Mobile, Connected Cars, and the Internet of Things industries.


True cost of integrating IoT into your business

In this presentation Pavel goes into the breakdown of costs involved when integrating IoT into business processes and products. It’s a practical breakdown of costs based on experience working with hundreds of companies to deploy their fleets of connected devices.


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