March 18, 2021

IIoT World's
Manufacturing Day


ABOUT EVENT One of a kind online conference

that will bring together IIoT subject matters experts from all over the world to share insights on smart manufacturing. This virtual event will focus on deploying machine learning on devices and on the network infrastructure that supports the intelligent IoT in manufacturing.

We will be gathering a global audience to explore the most innovative real-world use cases of hardware and software facilitating AI at the edge with examples focused on smart manufacturing.

The content is targeted to CxOs, executives, as well as technology-oriented executives, engineers, IT/OT professionals.


• Creating the foundation of Digital Manufacturing
• The Future of Manufacturing with Edge & Industrial Analytics
• Accelerate ROI from your Digital Investments
• AI and Digital Twins in Manufacturing: Case Studies
• From Concept to Production: What OEMs Can Learn From Verizon's IoT Product Strategy
• AR and 3D Visualisation in Manufacturing
• Who is attacking Smart Factories?
• Best Practices for Mitigating OT Cyber Risk
• Manufacturing Maturity Matrix
• Interface Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence
• [Roundtable] Future IIoT technology in manufacturing
• [Roundtable] Bringing Order to ICS Cyber Chaos
• [On Demand] Engineered for Secure Industrial Controls: Insights from an Operations Leader Survey


Target Industry

• Manufacturing

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Danielle Jablanski
Senior Research Analyst
United States
Dave McCarthyResearch Director, Edge Strategies
United States
Dr. Irene Petrick Senior Director on Industrial Innovation IoT Group
United States
Sid VermaGeneral Manager, Manufacturing Practice

United State


Leonel Leal
Director, Global Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

United States

Testimonials from Summer 2020 edition of IIoT World Days

The 2020 IIoT World Days Summit provided great insights from dynamic thought leaders throughout the IoT industry. The knowledge gained was valuable to my business and look forward to their upcoming events: virtually or in person!
Jonathan Epstein
JTJ Tech
Well managed and hosted sessions with very knowledgeable and experienced panelists. Well conducted virtual sessions. I wish I could attend more of the sessions and also not have missed some of the ones I signed up for too!
Shridhar Garapaty
CEO, Altiux Innovations Inc.
This event is worth investing in, the world needs this event. It is incumbent on each of us to commit to continually improving, making this event the must go to annual investment.
Genene Kleppe
Digital Twinning Australia
I thought this event was extremely well orchestrated with a broad array of sessions to chose from. From start to finish, every attendee left #IIoTWorldDays with a tremendous amount of knowledge.
Dan Barry
Boston, MA Startup Advisor
The IIOT World Days event brought together speakers from all over the world, from a wide range of industries and sectors. I’ve never been to an event that has succeeded in providing engagement across so many tiers of industry.
Ty Burridge-Oakland
As a panel moderator, I probably shouldn't... but just in case you find this helpful: Working with the people at IIoT World to plan and execute this amazing two days of content was easy and enjoyable. The four panellists I had the pleasure of working with were women I would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. We will continue to learn from one another in the months and years ahead.
Becky Morgan
Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, Inc
This was the most comprehensive IoT/IIoT event I've ever attended. Other events like this are too narrowly focused and inherently fall short in defining and illustrating the full depth and breadth of these burgeoning trends. Moreover, the implicit distinctions between IoT and IIoT are often glossed over in IoT events, leaving attendees with the impression that these are essentially interchangeable terms, which they are definitely not.
Michael A. Marullo
Principal Consultant, Automation Insights, New Orleans, LA USA


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