Irina Litchfield

Irina Litchfield

Senior Advisor and Investor


Irina S. Litchfield is an investor, globally recognized public speaker and innovation visionary. She is a CEO at Rizon Labs.
With 20 years in financial technology, a decade in crypto industry and four years of New Space, Irina serves executive roles across private, public and non for profit organizations.

Her FinTech journey began  in 2005, when she  co founded a payments/gaming company in Texas. Currently she serves as the President of Lumeria, white glove Investor Relations firm. Founding advisor to ABE, global securities exchange. And ProChain Capital, a crypto hedge fund.

As a leading force of implementation of innovations, Irina has been braking through frontiers of several industries.
She co founded a bitcoin exchange in 2013.
Built a retail bank in Mexico a year after.
And later, joined New Space industry as a SpaceFund senior advisor and investor group.

Irina is active participant in creation of Space Economy and has dedicated her attention to several key space organizations.

She is a Chair Woman to Space Interactions, central operations platform for Space Traffic Management.
She is a board director of F4F, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the space economy.
She is also BoD at Space Force Association, Texas chapter.
Irina is a Strategic Advisor at Interflight Global, Air and Space Consulting firm which celebrated its third decade anniversary this year. She is a mentor at New Chip accelerator and is an advisor at Lunargistics, space ports logistics company.

Passionate about innovation technology, positive social capital, democratization of space, and democratization of opportunities & right to transact, Irina often speaks and writes as a subject matter expert. 

Irina is contributor and active community member at Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, leading global platform for innovations leaders.
Irina is host of ARRA , curated global innovations summit.
Host of Interviews with Irina Youtube channel.
You can reach her: