Jinal Dalal

Director of Engineering, Google Cloud


Director of Engineering, Data Transfer services and Edge appliances at Google leading a team of over 80 Engineers in Sunnyvale, Seattle and Hyderabad.

Here is a summary:
– Managing portfolio of $200M in product revenues.
– Manager of managers and built teams from initial seed to execution.
– Services that enabled F500 companies to transfer data.
– Google’s first AMD Based Server (Still serving) for Search, GMAIL, Youtube and Photos
– Google’s 3 Generation Industry leading Storage Platform (Servers Search, GMAIL, Photos etc). Managed product budget of $10M, over 50 Engineers. Savings to Google: 3B in next 4 years.
– Google Small Business Maps product serving 70% of local queries. Over 2B in revenue generated through ads network.
– Now building next generation AR and VR Products.
I also explore my own ideas:
– Build a NLP based solution that converts a blog to list of ingredients. 10K Award as first 7 finalist.
– SMB product to transition from offline to online seamlessly. Engaged in raising money with Sequoia, Red Point Ventures and Best Buy Financials
– Application for SMB to raise funding. Peer to Peer. Won an award of $5K.

I consult:
– Startups for Hardware and Software. PKVitality (French Company building Diagnostic solution for Diabetic patients).
– Finance
– Career Changes
– Science Projects

Angel Investment:
– SIXA (YC 2016 Batch)

Currently working on:
– Book to transition careers