Joseph Nkrumah



• Solar Quarter Grand Master south Africa – Solar Quarter Excellence in Engineering Leadership 2023 Award
• 40 under 40 Achieve in the Solar power Africa and Asia Award by Solar Quarter
• Irena Youth Engagement, 2022 – Certificate of Attendance.
• Wuling Power co., L. Cpl. China, 2012 – Hydroelectric power generation, operation, and maintenance
• Climate Change for All Course certificate on Climate Change.
• IIoT World Energy Certificate of Completion.
• Schneider Electric university on Alternative Power Generation Technologies Certificate.
• Schneider Electric university on Commissioning for Energy Efficiency Certificate.

He has had theoretical and practical experience in the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of a variety of renewable energy systems during his engineering career, with a focus on solar PV/thermal and hydropower.
He is the Asistants Manger on Project Development renewables and currently developing 250MWp Bui Hydro Solar Hybrid Project.
He played a significant role as a project engineer in the development, implementation, and operation and maintenance of the 50 MWp BPA solar PV project as well as the 5MWp floating solar PV project.
He is now focusing on hybridizing ground-mounted solar PV/ floating solar PV, BESS, thermal and hydropower and also researching on the viability of wind turbine at Bui enclave Ghana.
He has been on a national front by government of Ghana under the CEO of Bui Power Authority through the Renewable Energy Department to deploy On grid / off grid solar energy system for both the country some deprived community for electricity.

Summary of outstanding project
• 161 kV bui power solar expansion.
• Level A maintenance hydro units
• Development and implementation of 50MW Solar power plant at Bui
• Development and implementation of 1MW floating Solar power plant at Bui. First ever in the Sub-Saharan region
• Development and implementation of 4MW floating Solar power plant at Bui. First ever in the Sub-Saharan region
• Research and implementation of wind turbine at Bui