Mark Zannoni

Smart Cities & Urban Mobility Consultant


Mark Zannoni is a global thought leader on digital transformation, smart cities, and urban transportation and brings 25+ years of experience to his advisory, research, and work, with perspectives and insight gained from both the public and advisory sectors from projects and clients in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and across the United States. He covers a broad range of modes and topics from the perspective of emerging technologies and innovation to include: urban air mobility, smart airports, airlines, mobility-as-a-service, smart intersections, smart parking, ride hailing, autonomous and connected vehicles, V2X connectivity, and smart transit, and how these are transforming transportation through increased efficiency, profitability/savings, improved service quality or expanded service areas, insightful operating data, and/or enhanced customer/passenger experience, though at times can create new challenges, such as on privacy, safety, and other social or market impacts.

Mark holds a BA in History from Boston University and an MS in Urban Planning from Columbia University, and is also a certified urban planner.