Nikki Gonzales

Head of Partnerships


Nikki has extensive experience in industrial automation and supply chain optimization, with a rich career that includes roles at Keyence, Festo, and Algo. At Algo she was a key figure in promoting and implementing Algo’s omnichannel supply chain intelligence solutions. Algo combines advanced technology with operational expertise to enhance the digital transformation journey for enterprises. Nikki’s efforts at Algo were focused on facilitating the adoption of novel solutions including applied Machine Learning and AI to improve supply chain agility and optimize forecasting for better sales & operations planning.

Currently leading partnerships at Quotebeam, Nikki is instrumental in evolving a procurement platform for industrial automation parts, which enhances ecommerce and collaboration for industrial distributors. Her advisory role at UpTime Intelligence underscores her commitment to IIoT, focusing on solutions that offer predictive maintenance and energy savings.

As a co-host of the Automation Ladies podcast, Nikki breaks down the complexities of smart manufacturing and IIoT, making these topics accessible and engaging. Her knowledge spans vital technologies like edge computing, AI, and ML, leveraging these to provide actionable insights and advocate for sustainable manufacturing practices.

Her background as a field sales engineer, combined with her strategic insights into IIoT and supply chain optimization, makes Nikki a knowledgeable voice in discussions on improving supply chain visibility and efficiency. Her passion for customer experience and her unique ability to communicate complex ideas clearly are hallmarks of her professional style.