A One-Day Virtual Event Focused on Smart Buildings

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re opening the call for speakers for IIoT World Smart Buildings Day 2023, which will take place on September 27.  Join our expert lineup of industry leaders, innovators, and influencers as they explore the latest trends, insights, and best practices in smart buildings.

As a speaker, you’ll have the opportunity to share your insights, experiences, and strategies with a diverse audience of industry professionals, building operators, technology providers, and more. Our events provide a platform for engaging discussions, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities that are essential for staying up to date on the latest trends and best practices in smart buildings. Don’t miss this chance to showcase your expertise and contribute to the advancement of smart building technology and innovation. Apply now to be a part of this dynamic community of smart building leaders and visionaries.

Event Format: 58-minute live sessions on topics focused on Smart Buildings. All tracks will be live (no pre-recorded sessions).

Sample Key Topics Covered

  • Startup Pitches
  • Simplifying Building Operations: Overcoming Challenges and Optimizing Efficiency
  • Building Sustainability through Smart Energy Management
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Buildings
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging Building Analytics for Smarter Operations
  • Maximizing Smart Building Efficiency with Digital Twins: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Control: Enhancing Building Performance and Maintenance
  • IoT Sensors and Connectivity in Smart Buildings
  • The Business Case for Smart Building Technology
  • The Future of Smart Building Technology
  • The Intersection of Cybersecurity and Smart Building Technology

You, as a panelist, will have a chance to propose your topic and 4-5 bullet points you want to discuss during your panel.

Who should attend?

Please Note: Because there is considerable competition for the limited number of presentation opportunities, vendor presentations will be assigned as part of the sponsorship packages. End users, market research analysts, and media are welcome to apply and will be accepted to speak at no cost.


February 22, 2023 – Call for speakers opens
July 31, 2023 – Call for speakers closes
August 2023 – Speakers notified of acceptance
September 2023 – Final agenda published
September 27, 2023 – IIoT World Smart Buildings Day