Thorsten Stremlau

Systems Principal Architect, CISSP


Hello, I’m Thorsten Stremlau. My career is marked by a rich history in leading customer-facing operations at the C-level and successfully managing large-scale global IT projects. My expertise shines in steering customer-led innovation into globally acclaimed IT solutions, particularly in security, manageability, and advanced AI applications.

What sets me apart is my proven track record in implementing IT innovations and transformation projects from their conception to fruition. My efforts in introducing new technologies have consistently met company objectives and elevated customer satisfaction.

My deep understanding of IT trends, particularly in agility, employee experience, and security, is unparalleled. I possess a keen ability to analyze market trends and devise unique differentiation strategies. This ability has been instrumental in creating new revenue streams and boosting business growth.

I have demonstrated exceptional skill in rolling out global digital transformation projects, ensuring awareness, implementation, and program assurance. My expertise in fostering strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders has been pivotal in attaining business goals.

Beyond this, my work has extended to pioneering projects in Neuro-degenerative innovations, building upon my experiences with Stephen Hawking’s team. Now, I am focused on developing advanced yet accessible AAC solutions for a wider audience.

I hold over 30 patents and am recognized as a thought leader in the field. My leadership in projects has often been at the forefront of the industry, regularly resulting in new, significant revenue streams.

I excel in leading teams, enhancing technical expertise, and boosting productivity. My exceptional leadership, interpersonal, negotiation, analytical, and problem-solving skills are key assets that I am eager to contribute to your organization.