IIoT World Manufacturing Days Event The most innovative real-world use cases of Edge Computing, Analytics, AI, ML, and AR in Manufacturing

The call for speakers for the IIoT World Manufacturing & Supply Chain Days, which will take place on December 4-5, 2024, is open now. We will be gathering a global audience to explore the most innovative real-world use cases of Edge Computing, Analytics, AI, ML, and AR in Manufacturing.

Event Format: 60-minute panel discussions focused exclusively on Smart Manufacturing.
All tracks will be live (no pre-recorded sessions).

Sample Panel Discussions

  • Bridging the Gap: Strategies for Integrating Legacy Systems with Modern Technologies
  • Future-Proofing Factories: Strategies for Adapting to Rapid Technological Change
  • Integrating IIoT and Edge Computing for Real-Time Supply Chain Optimization
  • Leveraging Digital Twins for End-to-End Supply Chain Transparency
  • The Future of Industrial Risk: How IIoT is Reshaping Manufacturing Insurance
  • Integrative Robotics: Blending Collaborative Robots with Human Workforces
  • Energy-Efficient Manufacturing: AI-Optimized Systems for Sustainable Operations
  • From Data Overload to Actionable Insights: Mastering Data Management in Manufacturing
  • Custom IIoT Solutions: Building vs. Buying for Manufacturing Needs
  • Machine Learning for Intrusion Detection in IIoT Environments
  • Cross-Domain Cybersecurity: Safeguarding Integrated IT and Operational Technology (OT) Systems

Future-Proofing Frontline Operations: Integrating Digital and Smart Solutions

Proposed topics for a track focused on the frontline workers only.
  • Digital Workflows: Streamlining Operations for Frontline Workers
  • Next-Gen Tools: Augmented Reality and Wearables for Enhanced Frontline Performance
  • Smart Safety Solutions: IIoT Platforms for Worker Health and Safety
Please note that some of the topics listed may not be included in the final agenda, and additional topics may be added based on the proposals received.

Who should attend?

For the ICS
Discrete Manufacturing
Process Industries
Cost? FREE for End-Users, Market Research Analysts, and Media.

What’s new

  • A few new topics focused on Generative AI for Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Real World uses cases of Edge Computing, Analytics, AI, ML, and AR, in Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Interactive Sessions
  • AI Matchmaking during the event

Reach out for more details at info@iiot-world.com.

Please Note: Because there is considerable competition for the limited number of presentation opportunities, vendor presentations will be assigned as part of the sponsorship packages.


May 29, 2024 – Call for speakers opens
October , 2024 – Call for speakers closes
November 2024 – Speakers notified of acceptance
November 2024 – Final agenda published
November 2024 – Dry runs with the speakers/moderators
December 4-5, 2024 – IIoT World Manufacturing & Supply Chain Days