Amit Dingare

Amit Dingare

Director of Data Science
Country: United States


Amit is the Director of Data Science at Novelis leading a global team of Data Scientists. Before joining Novelis, Amit led the Data Science portfolio in various industries including Healthcare, Digital Advertising, Retail and Consulting (pre-merger valuations) in a career spanning 10+ years. Amit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an MBA with a focus on Computational Finance.

Panel Discussion

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins in Manufacturing: Case Studies

In metals manufacturing, the operations environment is full of data collected by thousands of sensors at a very small interval. Historically, decision making was based on traditional descriptive analytics techniques. However, with the advent of “Industry 4.0”, Machine Learning and AI are quickly becoming an important decision making tools. Novelis, through models deployed within melting and rolling operations, has already seen a great value from these techniques. This talk will focus on one a couple of case studies where Novelis has seen a tremendous value through the models deployed for operational decision making.


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