Antonio Conati Barbaro

Antonio Conati Barbaro


Country: Italy


Antonio Conati Barbaro, COO. Before joining Alleantia in mid-2011, I’ve spent 20+ years in telecommunication networks, services and management platforms around the world, from coding of communication stacks in Italy and in US @ Bell Labs in Ohio, to architecting and delivering wide scale telco transformation plans in France, Italy, Greece and Turkey, to delivering innovative collaboration solutions to large Enterprises. Looking to the ‘next big thing’, Internet of Things, since 2006, then jumped in the Alleantia IIoT opportunity, joining founder Stefano Linari in the company launch and growth since 2011.


Plug&Play Industrial IoT for delivering the industrial digital transformation

In this session we will show how fast access to industrial devices information is key for delivering the industrial digital transformation, in any sector, overcoming the brownfield Operational Technologies (OT) integration difficulties for different devices, technologies, sensors, machines. The market-leading Alleantia IoT integration solution makes machines information quickly available through thousands of ready to use ‘drivers’, a wide variety of connectors supporting innovative SaaS such Ursaleo, and completing the architecture with strong cybersecurity features and O&M solution for large scale IIoT deployments.


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