Danielle Jablanski

Danielle Jablanski

Senior Research Analyst
Country: United States


Danielle Jablanski is a senior research analyst contributing to Guidehouse Insights’ Digital Innovations research service. Her focus is on the disruptive impacts of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data integration, and blockchain technologies for industrial applications and critical infrastructure owners and operators.

Jablanski has been responsible for conducting academic and market research on emerging technologies throughout her career. She has independently consulted for the US government and a technology startup on novel technology applications for the military, Department of Defense, and commercial sectors. Prior to joining Guidehouse Insights, Jablanski spent two years contributing to the creation and ideation of the Stanford Cyber Policy Center at Stanford University. Before that, she served a globally operating non-profit foundation working at the intersection of technology and nuclear weapons policy. Her research and professional endeavors have taken her to Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Asia, and all over Europe. Jablanski holds a master’s degree in international security from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Panel Discussion

Best Practices for Mitigating OT Cyber Risk

The combining forces of Industrial IoT, Smart Cities, and Industry 4.0 all face an insurmountable problem set: OT cyber security has yet to be elevated and addressed wholesale. OT security controls in cyberspace rarely go beyond firewall and segmentation to encourage active network traffic anomaly detection, among other mitigation strategies. This future trifecta demands increased communication nodes, interconnectivity, and integration of IT and OT systems, machines and devices. The hope of big data and predictive analytics, cloud security, and digital twins offer vignettes to solve pieces of this puzzle, but our community and budgets are inadequate to meet the problem set, prompting a systematic reevaluation when it comes to risk management of OT and ICS environments.


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