David Vásquez

Partnership Development
Industrial Applications & Private Networking
Business Product Team

Country: United States


David Vasquez looks after Verizon’s industrialapplication ecosystem & partnership development. He’s tasked with aligning best-in-class applications to best-in-class, managed, private infrastructure to deliver positive, Industry 4.0 business outcomes. 

David brings decades of experience in network sales, marketing, program management, customer experience and innovation focused on The Industrial Internet of Things and it’s promise of value to industrial control and automation systems.  

His business passion – keeping industrial and manufacturing jobs local. His personal passion – keeping employees safe and continuously upskilling. 

Before his time at Verizon, David held jobs at his family’s metal fabrication shop assembling and installing commercial gates and rolling steel doors. Laterat an industrial park installing commercial washing machines to stone-wash denim. All fingers and toes have been accounted for.  

David will celebrate his 20th anniversary at Verizon this coming March and lives in Portland, ORwith his wife and two daughtersHe’s a lifelong baseball fan who also runs, skis, hikes, cycles and loves a good beer. When in Boston he volunteers at The Elizabeth Peabody house (food pantry) and when home, at the Oregon Food Bank. He’s a board advisor at Elevate Our Kids which is a non-profit organization aimed at bringing K-12 resources to underserved communities. You can follow along on LinkedIn or listen to him on the IoT Coffee Podcast, where he’s a regular contributor. 


From Concept to Production: What OEMs Can Learn From Verizon's IoT Product Strategy

Verizon’s IoT initiatives highlight key applications of the technology as well as the business opportunity it presents OEMs. Customers were requesting Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) and Critical Asset Tracking (CAT) solutions. Verizon had similar business challenges that OEMs face with the desire to either save money or make money with IoT. David Vasquez will share the story of how they developed IoT products for the marketplace and insights from two of their real-world use cases. He will also share the decisions made along the way to move from strategy to process to market-ready products. Brandon Cannaday will join David to offer both the technology and business perspective of evaluating IoT technology as a cornerstone in making turnkey IoT solutions reliable and secure.  
This approach to IoT is valuable information for any manufacturer.  
This session will offer practical guidance to you in your IoT building.  We look forward to your participation and to addressing your questions.


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