Humera Malik

CEO and Founder

Country: Canada


Humera Malik is CEO of Canvass AI, a software provider that empowers the world’s largest industrial companies with actionable intelligence to make data-driven operational decisions. Internationally, Ms Malik is one of the leading voices in Artificial Intelligence and how it can help the industrial sector to propel growth, accelerate innovation and augment human expertise. Ms Malik is a recipient of the RBC Women of Influence Entrepreneur of the Year award, the Women of IoT/M2M award and was most recently named in the list of Top 10 Hot AI IoT Startups to Watch. She is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences and has been featured in publications such as Bloomberg and Forbes.


Accelerate ROI from your Digital Investments

  1. Workforce Augmentation – with skills and tools to connect with data (removing the black box approach)
  2. Increased Productivity – replacing manual repeated tasks with data driven controls
  3. Taking control of your operations –replace intuition with predictability


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