Pravin Khurana, Dr.

Dr. Pravin Khurana

Staff Manufacturing Engineer
Country: United States


Dr. Pravin Khurana is Staff Manufacturing Engineer at Nexteer Automotive in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering. In this position, Pravin is responsible for leading teams for development and implementation of Predictive Analytics tools to support Digital Manufacturing. This involves implementation of real time IIOT based process monitoring technologies, including force and vibration sensors and data analytics to predict part quality. Dr Pravin has earned a Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Award in 2018.

Panel Discussion

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins in Manufacturing: Case Studies

Development of Real Time Process Monitoring & Analytics to support Digital Trace™ Manufacturing
  • Discuss Digital Trace™ Manufacturing strategy at Nexteer to allow Nexteer to monitor and manage processes in real time across factory floors
  • Focus on Approach and case studies for IIOT based Real Time Process Monitoring & Analytics in support of Digital Trace Manufacturing
  • Discuss benefits of Machine Learning technologies including optimization of manufacturing processes, enabling predictive maintenance and early detection of manufacturing defects
  • Review challenges, lessons learned, need for industry standards and next steps


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