IIoT World Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence Day:
Shaping the Future of Industry
September 10, 2024

Join us for IIoT World Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence Day—an immersive exploration of how the convergence of IIoT and AI is reshaping industries for a sustainable future. Uncover cutting-edge solutions, visionary insights, and transformative strategies driving environmental impact and innovation across the industrial landscape.

Event Format: 60-minute live sessions focused on Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence across the industrial landscape. All tracks will be live (no pre-recorded sessions).

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, download our sponsorship packages or contact us at info@iiot-world.com. Also, you can leave a message at +1 949-427-0564 and we will call you back.

Our goals for 2024 event:

5 live sessions on Sep 10
2000+ registrants at the event
1000+ registrants per session
150-200 live attendees per session

We are targeting:

For the ICS
Discrete Manufacturing
Process Industries

Sample Panel Discussions

  • Custom Manufacturing with AI: Meeting Customer Demands and Increasing Profitability
  • Circular Economy Strategies: AI-Driven Transformations for Sustainability
  • AI in Additive Manufacturing: Reducing Lead Times and Costs
  • Smart Workstations: AI-Enhanced Tools for Frontline Worker Efficiency
  • Sustainable Workforce Development: AI-Powered Training and Upskilling
  • Maximizing Asset Utilization with AI: Enhancing Equipment ROI
  • AI-Enhanced Demand Forecasting: Reducing Inventory Costs and Improving Cash Flow
  • AI-Powered Predictive Analytics: Driving Profitability Through Proactive Maintenance
  • AI-Driven Process Optimization: Achieving Faster Turnarounds and Higher Margins
  • ICS Cybersecurity: Protecting Manufacturing Assets and Ensuring Continuity
  • AI-Enhanced Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems: Security and Sustainability in Balance
  • Propose your topic
Please note that some of the topics listed may not be included in the final agenda, and additional topics may be added based on the proposals received.
As a sponsor, you have a chance to propose your topic and 4-5 bullet points you want to discuss during one of our panels, together with 3-5 other panelists or you can create your panel and bring some of your partners. IIoT World Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence Day: Shaping the Future of Industry will feature end-user case studies focused on sustainability and artificial intelligence across multiple industries.

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