Andrea Ruotolo, PhD

Global Head, Customer Sustainability/ESG


Andrea leads intrapreneurial teams in scaling new technology solutions, entering new markets, and identifying high-value strategic investment opportunities.

Andrea is the Global Head of Customer Sustainability at Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest industrial automation company, responsible for advancing innovation in sustainability for Rockwell’s customers, which include Fortune 100 companies in energy and manufacturing, representing millions of employees and hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenues. She spearheads innovation and leads the charge in digital transformation and Responsible AI to drive industrial sustainability.

With 18 years of global executive experience across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Andrea has excelled as both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur across various industry sectors.

She holds a prestigious Fulbright Doctorate in sustainability, two Master’s degrees, and is a recognized expert in AI Organizational Strategy, having earned specializations from MIT and Harvard Business School.