Capella Kerst



Dr. Capella Kerst is a passionate entrepreneur and engineer leading the way in sustainable innovation with geCKo Materials. Her groundbreaking geCKo Materials Dry Adhesive (gMDA) technology, inspired by nature’s genius, is revolutionizing diverse industries, from space exploration to manufacturing.

Driven by a deep fascination with biomimicry and a commitment to sustainability, Capella has built a distinguished career spanning various fields. Her educational background includes studies in math, physics, mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering, reflecting her diverse interests and thirst for knowledge.

Capella’s leadership at geCKo Materials is marked by a unique blend of technical expertise, entrepreneurial vision, and dedication to building a collaborative and impactful team. She has secured key partnerships, secured funding, and overseen the development of gMDA into a commercially viable and environmentally friendly solution.

Beyond geCKo Materials, Capella actively contributes to the innovation ecosystem. Driven by a deep commitment to social impact, she actively volunteers in numerous areas, empowering others and fostering positive change. Mentoring and inspiring the next generation of young women, particularly in underserved communities, by providing guidance and fostering their interest in STEM fields. Supporting initiatives that address critical needs in under-resourced areas, leveraging their skills and resources to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. Contributing to organizations that promote sustainability and environmental awareness, aligning with their commitment to building a greener future for all demonstrating her commitment to fostering the next generation of changemakers.

In essence, Capella Kerst is a visionary leader, a skilled engineer, and a champion for sustainable innovation, leaving a lasting impact on the world through her groundbreaking work.