John Brinegar

John Brinegar

Director, IoT Solution Development and Delivery
Country: United States
Area of Interest: Industrial IoT


Mr. Brinegar has extensive background deploying analytics systems into a variety of manufacturing sub-verticals, including electronics, pharma/biotech, metals, automotive, and others. In his current role at Hitachi Vantara, he also led the architecture, development, launch, and delivery of Lumada Manufacturing Insights, a framework for IIOT integration, analytics, and visualization in discreet and process manufacturing markets. Prior to Hitachi, Mr. Brinegar worked in manufacturing and other IoT analytics verticals including deploying systems into telecommunications networks and healthcare providers. Mr. Brinegar has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Accelerate your adoption of IIoT

Competitive pressures and market demands are forcing discreet and process manufacturers to accelerate their adoption of IIoT. There is an urgent need to gain insights for optimizing their operations from equipment, process, and quality standpoints. These insights can be gained by  blending operational telemetry and data with enterprise data, and providing advanced analytics for monitoring, prediction, and visualization. These insights contribute to manufacturers’ bottom lines in the form of increased utilization and line throughput, increased yield and reduced scrap/rework, and higher quality products delivered to customers.


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