9:30 AM – 10:25 AM EDT

How Cities Can Achieve Their Sustainability Goals Faster

Sponsored by IIoT World
In this session, our panelists focus on different ways cities may use to achieve sustainability goals using energy in a more efficient way or finding alternative sources of energy.
Chief Sales Officer
10:30 AM – 11:25 AM EDT

The Role of AI/ML and Seamless Integration in City Operations: Water & Wastewater

Sponsored by Schneider Electric

Digital technologies delivered about € 300 billion in capital and operating expenditure savings to the global water industry in 2016-2020, targeting water segments such as treatment of wastewater and treatment, distribution, customer management and metering of drinking water. (1) Municipalities and water utilities have been required to reduce their CO2 footprint and improve water conservation. When investing in digital technologies, the hardware, software, and infrastructure of the equipment is fully connected, efficient and you have proactive systems and services.

This session provides an overall perspective on the process and non-process functions and the sub-systems that manage specific areas of operations such as power distribution, potable and non-potable water, treatment, metering, and environmental. Also, the panelists will discuss the equity and community involvement in AI/ML, advances in edge processing that allows for more privacy, and purposeful technology.

Smart Cities Product Director
Water & Wastewater Segment President
Vice President of Engineering
Tech Journalist
11:30 AM – 12:25 PM EDT

Urban Mobility: Trends, Players & Sustainable Solutions for Cities

Sponsored by Wejo and Sama

In this panel, our guests focus on urban mobility, covering some of the following topics:

  • Global communication trends for mobility including detailed market forecasts, revenue drivers, and expected spending by region
  • Companies and emerging trends to watch in the segmented IoT space
  • Chips, switches and trends for Wi-FI 6 technology and its role in smart infrastructure
  • The future of mobility with connected vehicle data & new trends in urban governance and sustainable mobility
  • How city planners can use connected vehicle data to create smarter, safer and more accessible cities
  • Innovations in mass transit as urban mobility transforms
  • Smart street and traffic innovations that can improve cities and the lives of residents
Founder / Analyst
Director Solutions Engineering
Assistant City Manager / CTO
Smart Cities & Urban Mobility Consultant
12:30 PM – 1:25 PM EDT

IIoT Technologies Implemented by Cities Around the World

Sponsored by IIoT World

Worldwide, leaders are trying to make their cities smarter. These initiatives are often in response to specific and ongoing issues that cities are facing. Parking, overcrowding, noise, massive energy consumption, and pollution are just a few of them. To address some of these challenges, many are taking the wrong approach.

Our panelists will explain what are the key questions that can help the decision-makers evaluate their projects better. Join this session to learn about a few cities that already implemented IIoT technologies to improve people’s lives. Find out more about the City of London’s smart lighting project and how technology is helping to tackle some of the significant challenges in today’s cities, including lighting, traffic congestion, environmental issues.
In this session, our panelists will focus on different ways cities may use to achieve sustainability goals using energy in a more efficient way or finding alternative sources of energy.

CEO and Founder
President & CEO
1:30 PM – 2:25 PM EDT

Smart Building Operations: Data-Driven Innovation and ROI

This panel focues on the following topics:

  • The growth of smart buildings and appetite for IoT
  • Water damage protection and the benefits of connected systems with sensors and shutoffs (including examples of hard ROI in commercial and residential properties)
  • The role of insurance in smart building innovation – the changing insurance landscape and how insurance carriers are promoting IoT solutions
  • Challenges of implementing smart building solutions: Managing disparate point solutions; fragmented technology landscape of components and standards; sheer complexity of standing up, scaling and maintaining the necessary infrastructure for IoT.
  • LoRaWAN wireless technology for smart building solutions
  • ROI-proven technologies that are getting traction: Energy management via setpoint control and machinery monitoring; water leak detection/sub-metering/flow monitoring, Return-to-Office use cases
Senior Director, InsurTech & Channel Partnerships
Executive Director & Head of Strategic Planning
Principal, EY Strategy & Transactions, Real Estate Planning, Execution and Operations
Principal and Chief Strategist
2:30 PM – 3:25 PM EDT

Smart Building Market Growth & Technologies that Bring New Challenges to Buildings Owners

Key Topics Covered:

  • Issues, Problems & Solutions for mitigating attacks on building operational assets and systems that could threaten safety or health.
  • Do you have the cybersecurity foundation to thwart attacks on your building’s operational technology assets (OT)?
  • Are your building systems protected from exploitation that could threaten the safety or health of occupants?
  • What are our cyber weaknesses with those technologies, and what are we doing to reduce risk?
  • What physical security improvements, if any, should we make to better secure our IT and OT assets?
  • How should we prepare to survive a cyber incident and recover quickly?
Chief Cybersecurity Officer
SVP, Partner Alliances
Vice President, Innovation
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM EDT

Cybersecurity Consideration for Smart Infrastructure

Sponsored by Fortinet

Smart cities’ complex and interdependent nature raises significant challenges for designers, integrators, and organizations involved in administrating these new entities.
Smart city infrastructure, protocols to improve security and privacy, operational threats for smart cities are just a few questions that raise concerns when it comes to introducing new technologies in a city.

This live session focuses on the following topics:

  • Driving force behind the move to Smart – motivations, benefits, risks
  • Technologies typically implemented blurring lines between IT and OT
  • Security implications and considerations given interdependencies
CISO Operational Technology North America
Managing Director, Information Technology Solutions
EY Global Advisory Cybersecurity Leader
Chief Technology Officer
Industry Executive