Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar

Senior Principal

Country: United States


Sanjay Kumar is a Senior Principal with Siemens Advanta and has extensive experience in IT and OT systems integration, Industry 4.0 assessments, IT/OT Cybersecurity consulting, integration and deployment of integrated governance and operating models. He has consulted on the topic of how convergence is critical, where to start, address organization change, assess risk, vulnerability and governance from a macro to micro perspective covering all aspects of IT and OT cybersecurity.

Moderator of the Panel

Interface Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence

This panel will focus on How to implement an OT/IT/IoT data aggregation framework in organizations that accounts for Technology, organizational standards and people change elements to enable automated data driven decision making event triggers between assets, robotics, sensors, business systems and people.

Dr. Dean Bartles will talk about the The Department of Defense’s system that enables the transmission of 3D models to the additive manufacturing supply chain and to collect in-process data (e.g., melt pool) as the parts are produced and then have the data transmitted back to the DoD via the same system when the parts are shipped. The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining is under contract to develop a prototype system to accomplish the aforementioned goals and Dr. Dean Bartles, CEO, will provide an overview on the status of the program, the challenges overcome to date, and where the system might go in the future.


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