Mohannad Salam

Mohannad Salam

Country: United Arab Emirates
Area of Interest: Smart Cities


Entrepreneur, successful in building and motivating dynamic cross functional teams to achieve city-scale strategic goals. Architectural visionary offering around 2 decades of demonstrated success assisting enterprises in driving change through the leveraging of information. Proven expertise architecting disruptive global solutions that enable game-changing measurable outcomes positively impacting human life and sustainability.

Co-founded a start-up which solely focus on Smart Cities applications in MENA region, being able to play many roles – communicating perfectly with C-level and government executives to analyze and architect projects, leading teams to develop and deliver disruptive solutions, sparing immense time for R&D keeping the company ahead of any competition, and building serious vendor partnerships, grabbing the attention of Intel & Microsoft becoming their Strategic Smart Cities Partner in the region as well as winning an award from CIOReview as best 20 worldwide IoT solution providers.

Team leader and public speaker, with hands on experience in the fields of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Advanced Analytics.


Circular Economy in the era of Internet of Things

Shed light on three challenges that are facing globe and have direct relation and impact on the circular economy:

  1. Food Poisoning
  2. Food Waste
  3. Electronic Waste (mainly food related storage machinery)

Then will introduce Internet of Things as a true enabler for circular economy and finalize the presentation demonstrating a case study that will tackle all the 3 challenges mentioned earlier.


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