Sigalit Mutzafi

CEO and Co-Founder


Born and raised in Ramat-Gan, Israel to immigrant parents.

Graduated International relations B.A. at the Hebrew University and M.B.A. from Ben Gurion University.

Worked as operation manager in import and service agency for business customers and later learned the E-Commerce field at the early days of the .com era. Established the E-Commerce business unit in Israeli B2B corporate and developed the business to become the companies growth engine, responsible for 30% of the company revenues.
Raising 3 children. One of the boys suffered early childhood asthma. While searching environmental information in order to move to another urban neighborhood faced the lack of this critical data to many stakeholders. This experience and need led to the founding of RadGreen.
Now serves as the company CEO and co-founder, bringing personal communication soft skills as well as experience in sales management of a B2B service.