Thu, Dec 8
8:45 AM – 9:00 AM ET

Highlights from Day 1

Highlights from Day 1

Thu, Dec 8
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM ET

The Smart Factory of Tomorrow – What you need to know and where to start

Sponsored by IFM, Faircom and Siemens

The smart factory of tomorrow is about building upon the advancements of Industrial IoT by automating data collection from machines, devices, and applications, then transforming that data into insights. The smart factory of tomorrow will continuously collect data through connected machines, devices, and systems rooted in interconnectivity, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and real-time data. These will enable many different things, depending on each manufacturer’s goals. Join this panel to find out where to start and what’s important to consider when starting a digital transformation process in your factory.

Chief Architect
Managing Director
Head of Digitalization Consulting for Process Industries
Smart Factory
Go-To-Market Leader
Associate Professor
Thu, Dec 8
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM ET

Accelerate time to value: Get More from Your Software Investment

Sponsored by IIoT World

Manufacturers are compelled to be more productive and profitable as industrial sites and software grow increasingly complex. As a result, operators must respond to operational demands to reduce costs while increasing productivity. Also, managing the equipment to run more efficiently and incorporating best practices and monitoring requirements are not less essential. In short, everyone is being asked to do more with fewer resources. Join this panel to find out how to get more from your software investment.

Principal Director
VP, Operations Management Software
Strategy Partner
Thu, Dec 8
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Making Data Make Sense in 2023

Sponsored by Litmus

With a new year around the corner, we reflect on where data aggregation, normalization and analysis have been and where we think they’re headed based on what we’re seeing and hearing working with manufacturers around the world. We’ll examine trends in and comfort with edge and cloud solutions as IT increasingly works hand in hand to support OT to make Industry 4.0 gains both easier and possible. Existing systems, existing machines, how to best leverage in-house resources, success stories and the evolution of AI and ML with data modeling. We’ll touch on it all as part of this lively roundtable discussion. Join us with your questions, thoughts and predictions.

Co-Founder & CEO
Director, Sales Engineering
Technical Product Manager, Edge Solutions
Podcast Host
Thu, Dec 8
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET

Building Cyber Security – Incentivizing Investments in National Safety

National leaders have asked critical infrastructure sectors to raise cybersecurity shields from a range of cyber bad actors for one reason – Cyber threats are more than a risk to data and privacy – A cyber attack directed at connected operational technologies can have catastrophic consequences for public safety, health, and our way of life.  In response, OT cyber industry leaders have developed initiatives to incentivize investments in the mitigation of cyber risk. National experts will discuss emerging trends in OT cyber threats, how the risk can be mitigated, and the current state of risk transfer to insurance.

Control Systems Cybersecurity
Air Force Technical Director, Control Systems Cyber Resiliency
Managing Director
VP, Chief Product Security Officer
SVP, Partner Alliances
Intelligent Buildings Consultant
Director Operational Technology Risk Assessment
Of Counsel