IIoT World Days 2020

IIoT World’s Industrial Cybersecurity Day is a one-day online event that will take place on October 22, 2020. This event is Part of the Global Cybersecurity Awareness Month and will focus on Digital Strategies to achieve Industrial Cybersecurity. The hours are displayed in ET timezone.

The content is targeted to CxOs, executives, as well as technology-oriented executives, engineers, IT/OT professionals and ICS cybersecurity leaders.
IIoT World ICS Cybersecurity Day
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sandworm! A fireside chat about Russian hackers and cyberwarfare

Sponsored by Tempered
In 2014, the world witnessed the start of a mysterious series of cyberattacks. Targeting American utility companies, NATO, and electrical grids in Eastern Europe, the strikes grew ever-more brazen, including the first-ever blackouts triggered by hackers. The hackers behind these attacks quickly gained a reputation as the most dangerous team of cyberwarriors in history.

Join Rick Moy, VP at Tempered, and Andy Greenberg, author and WIRED journalist, as they discuss the world’s most sophisticated cyber attacks, their impact on society, and key takeaways to help you be better prepared.

Securing your ICS Supply Chain

Sponsored by aDolus
This session is available starting October 8, 2020. Eric Byres, CEO of aDolus together with Greg Orloff, Sr. Analyst at IIoT World, Bryan Owen, Security Architect at OSIsoft LLC and Megan Samford, VP, Chief Product Security Officer at Schneider Electric, talk about ICS security for supply chains.

Securing ICS supply chains is a complex undertaking and this virtual conference highlights key issues, the limitations of currently available technologies, and solutions for safeguarding against attacks.

Sr. Analyst

Security Architect

Senior Director, IoT & OT Product Marketing

Global Industry X.0 and Europe IX.0 & OT Security Lead

Keynote Speech

For this session we’ve invited The Honorable Lucian Niemeyer currently working many of these issues for the federal government in the Office of Management and Budget to address emerging threats, documented attacks, and the impact and relevance to building owners and operators.
Deputy Program Associate Director, National Security Programs

Best practices for ICS Security in various industries

Sponsored by Tempered
As more and more Operational Technology (OT) devices are connected to IT networks for improved operational efficiency, the risk of cyberattack increases. For the most part, commercial and critical infrastructure industrial organizations are underprepared for the digital convergence of their IT and OT environments. ICS operators need to get a robust cybersecurity program in place, fast. Learn from leading cybersecurity experts about best practices to protect your organization, such as implementing industrial frameworks and foundational security controls, aligning IT & OT, gaining executive buy-in and selecting the right tools for the job.
Senior Principal
CTO and VP of Product Development
VP R&D and
Security Director
Technical Analysis Manager

Cybersecurity Architecture & Governance for IIoT implementations

Sponsored by RunSafe Security
Ensuring that the devices and systems connected to the internet are secure is a key to ensuring the safety and reliability of industrial operations, both now and in the future. The sheer scale and complexity of IIoT demands a systematic approach to secure the system architecture. This panel will discuss the building blocks of the Industrial IoT security architecture and how to successfully implement it in an industrial organization.
Chief Product Officer & Chief Technology Officer
Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Governance & Architecture

Incident Communications. How to disclose a cyber incident

– Incident Coordination around cybersecurity ways to mitigate business risks
– Insight that may help companies with saving money and reputation
– How to get ready if you are ever in the situation to disclose cyber-incidents
– Customers, regulators, vendors & end users perspectives.
Cybersecurity Influencer
Senior Program Manager
CTO & Co-Founder
Chief Scientist & Co-Founder
VP, Chief Product Security Officer

Zero Trust Security Framework for IoT

What is zero trust framework for IoT? How to achive Zero Trust? How to implement Zero Trust for IoT and OT networks? How to enable safe remote working with Zero Trust? Learn how you can adopt a Zero Trust architecture that focuses on cloud-based workloads, is aware of critical data and intellectual property usage, and takes a risk-based approach to protecting identities on your network.
Principal Analyst
Sr. Director IoT Product
Founder & CTO

Industrial IoT Security Maturity Model

The accelerating acceptance of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings with it security risks that need dealing with along the way. How best to approach the security infrastructure needed for any given manufacturer or producer is no simple matter. Where best to put the time and money necessary to protect your assets? The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an organization focused on accelerating IIoT development, has been working on a Security Maturity Model (SMM) to help companies better understand how to progress toward their own security goals. It enables executives to focus investments on the security mechanisms that best meet their specific objectives. Join our panel to find out more about this subject.
Director Bus Dev
Founder & CEO
Managing Director
Sr. Engineering Manager

ICS Cybersecurity for O&G and Manufacturing Industries

Sponsored by Trend Micro
Cyber espionage campaigns have started to target global industries producing commodities and manufactured goods. Securing closed environments such as ICS networks is a priority. Learn from the experts on both strategic assessment and resolving real security challenges in smart factories and the oil & gas industry. This panel will also discuss areas of expertise of NEXUS Controls and their partnership with Trend Micro, an OTA security platform and Trend Micro’s OT solutions to guard against cyberattacks.
Keynote Speaker
Sr. VP, Commercial IoT Business & Market Development
Global Cybersecurity Solution Architect
PE, CISM, CRISC, ISA Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, Managing Director ISA99