Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis

Country: United States


I am an aerospace engineer and visionary technology executive who builds great teams and mentors them in the development of innovative products and services. I harmonize the conflicting requirements of the organization: strategy, operations, culture, finance, marketing and R&D.

Over the last five years I have built DecisionIQ into a successful AI consulting and services company able to produce $16M in big wins for our client’s industrial operations. How did we do this when over 80% of analytics projects fail? In our early days we also experienced failures. But, as engineers we systematically searched for and discovered the failures. They are caused by the inherent limitations of data science. So, we learned how to work around the limitations and produce great results. At DecisionIQ, I teach client teams how to build great AI solutions with no failures. We’ll help you choose the best use cases, get the right data, build, pick the right platform. And, we can support you any step of the way with our internal AI services. So make your journey into AI with DecisionIQ at your side.

Moderator of the Panel

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins in Manufacturing: Case Studies

Some talking points of this panel discussion will focus on the following: How to use AI/ML to reduce unplanned downtime in wood products manufacturing. We will also discuss about case studies of real time monitoring of operations to predict equipment failure for on-site maintenance teams. Also, I will provide some examples of how to achieve results in manufacturing using IIoT. We will also talk about data science limitations, sensor limitations and user acceptance.

In metals manufacturing, the operations environment is full of data collected by thousands of sensors at a very small interval. Historically, decision making was based on traditional descriptive analytics techniques. However, with the advent of “Industry 4.0”, Machine Learning and AI are quickly becoming an important decision making tools. Novelis, through models deployed within melting and rolling operations, has already seen a great value from these techniques. In this panel, Amit Dingare, Director of Data Science, Novelis, will focus on one a couple of case studies where the company has seen a tremendous value through the models deployed for operational decision making.

In this session, John Burton, CEO and Co-founder, UrsaLeo will cover what is a 3D digital twins, how they are created and how they can be used for remote collaboration to reduce on site travel, reduce costs and improve the safety of employees.

Pravin Khurana, Staff Manufacturing Engineer, Nexteer Automotive will discuss about the Development of Real Time Process Monitoring & Analytics to support Digital Trace™ Manufacturing. 


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