Industrial IoT

Industrial Transformation: Manufacturing

  • State of the Industry – Discrete Manufacturing
  • When failure is not an option: A low risk approach to smart manufacturing innovation
  • The Manufacturing Analytics Journey
  • (A.I.) in Manufacturing: Case Studies on Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Quality
  • Harnessing Smart Manufacturing Technologies To Maximise Operational Performance
  • How to Drive Innovation with Industrial IoT and 5G
  • Evolution of Predictive Maintenance
  • Success Strategies for Women in Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT/ Analytics/Edge Computing

  • Accelerating Innovation for Societal Impact though Public/Private Partnerships
  • Uniting the Edge for Tomorrow’s Demands
  • Analytics and Big Data, and how it underscores Industry 4.0
  • Using Open Source Technology to Manage IOT/Edge Solutions
  • True cost of integrating IoT into your business
  • Reinventing the IoT Platform to Solve Pilot Purgatory
  • Demystifying IoT implementation: the big 5 obstacles of getting started with IoT and how to overcome them
  • Is it possible to democratize IIoT technologies?


  • The value of IoT meeting XR and Spatial Computing
  • Applications that help industrial companies to access data on demand using augmented reality

Digital Transformation for Energy & Utilities

  • Digital Transformation for Energy & Utilities
  • IIoT+AI/Chatbot as a Digital Transformation initiatives for Management in Energy

Smart cities

  • The importance of co-innovation for Smart City Success
  • Circular Economy in the era of Internet of Things
  • Applications that help cities to access data on demand using augmented reality
  • How Cities are Embracing the Internet of Things
  • Creating Cyber-Resilient Cities Ready for Autonomous Vehicles 

ICS cybersecurity

  • Five Blind Men and the Elephant called ICS Supply Chain Security
  • Automated ICS Vulnerability Assessment
  • Creating and Performing a Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise
  • ICS Security Bringing Order to ICS Cyber Chaos
  • The new IoT insurance wave: small commercial!
  • CMMC, the Department of Defense’s new Cybersecurity Standard
  • Industry 4.0 and Cybersecurity 2.0 – New Opportunities, Newer Challenges
  • Live Demo – Identifying Compromises Through Device Profiling Using Open Source Tools
  • Security and Safety in the Physical and Digital Twins

AI and Machine Learning

  • Nine Ways Business-Side Managers Can Lead A Successful AI Program For Business Transformation
  • Myths and Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence and How to Navigate Them in Africa What is needed to make AI leapfrog in Africa?
  • Data science in the hands of operations & maintenance teams


  • The Digital and Physical Future of Transportation – Virgin Hyperloop One
  • Driving into a Connected Future: Hype, Hope and Reality in Mobility of the Future
  • Assessing the Operational Safety of Autonomous Vehicles
  • When APIs are IoT’s Weakest Link: Security Horror Stories

Autonomous Robots/ Future of Work (Panel Discussion)

  • Robot coworkers: How AI impacts the future of work